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Derksen Buildings
has a variety of colors to give you the look you desire.  On our Painted, Urethane, and Metal buildings, you can choose the color of your siding, your trim, and your roof to create your perfect building.  Colors can vary when displayed on your computer or mobile device, so please come visit us to see them in person to select the perfect colors for you new building. Downloading the page below will also give you a better view of the available colors.





Our Door Options

36″ Solid 6-Panel Door
36″ 4-Lite Door
36″ 5-Lite Door
36″ 9-Lite Door
36″ 11-Lite Door
Single Shop-Built Door
36 or 48″

Double Shop-Built Doors
2–36″ shop built doors

7′ Ramp Door
7' Ramp Door

6′ wide Roll Up Garage Door
9′ wide Roll Up Garage Door
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Window Options

2′ x 3′ Window
3′ x 3′ Window
2′ x 3′ Thermal Pane Windows
2′ x 5′ Thermal Pane Windows
3′ x 3′ Thermal Pane Windows
3′ x 5′ Thermal Pane Windows
Transom Windows
Window Shutters
Transom Dormers
Sunburst Dormer
& Octagon Window

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Other Options & Add Ons

Shelves/Work Benches
Felt Paper Underlayment
U-Shape Loft
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Siding Options




Horizontal Metal
Lap Board
LP Smart Side-Wood
wood finish by Derksen Buildings

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Loft Information

Below is the size lofts that come with our buildings and  the breakdown of different sizes

Derksen’s Standard Loft Sizes in Buildings
Lofted buildings

Our 10′ long lofted buildings have one 6′ loft in the back
Buildings that are 12-22′ in lenght have two 4′ lofts
Buildings that are 24-28′ in lenght have two 8′ lofts
Buildings that are 30-50′ in lenght have two 12′ lofts

8×10′ buildings use 2×4 loft joists
12′ buildings use 2×6″ loft joists
14 & 16′ wide buildings use 2×8″ loft joists




Customize your new Derksen Building from with lights, outlets, and more to make the perfect space to work, play, or live. We can finance upgrades the Electrical Package with our No Credit Check Rent-to-Own program, making this option both smart and affordable.

Our Basic Electrical Package is $690 and includes four 110v interior outlets, one basic interior light fixture with switch, and a 100A  panel breaker box without main breaker. You can add to this package from the list below to make it perfect for your needs. Click on the video below.

Note: Add-On Items can only be added to the Basic Electrical Package, and cannot be sold separately.
Prices are not listed due to changes and availability in your market, so please consult your dealer
Upgrade to 100 Amp Panel Box w/Main Breaker
Upgrade to 200 Amp Panel Box w/Main Breaker
110 Volt Indoor Receptacle (12 gauge wire/15 Amp)
110 Volt A/C Receptacle (Dedicated Circuit w/Breaker)
110 Volt Indoor GFI Receptacle (12 gauge wire/15 Amp)
110 Volt Outdoor GFI Receptacle (12 gauge wire/15 Amp)
220 Volt Indoor A/C Receptacle (20 Amp Dedicated Circuit w/Breaker)
220 Volt 50A Receptacle (Range) (8/3 wire w/Breaker)
220 Volt 30A Receptacle (Dryer) (10/3 wire w/Breaker)
4′ Double Fluorescent Fixture (no bulbs)
Basic Light Fixture (no bulbs)
Overhead Light Box (No Fixture)
Porch Light Fixture (no bulb)
Extra Light Switch
A/C & Heat Unit – Wall Unit (15K BTU P-TAC)

All Electrical Packages and components installed according to code and inspected by a Licensed Electrician. Electrical packages are only available on new order buildings constructed in our factory, and are not available on buildings already in stock or buildings constructed on site. Custom packages may require an additional charge.  Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice. Certain locations may not offer the electrical package, so be sure and ask your dealer.
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Warranty & Delivery Info

Derksen_Building_Warranty Info

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Derksen Shed Flooring Information

The Flooring System

A Shed Floor With Protection Against Decay & Damage

The Derksen flooring system starts with 2 x 4 floor joists that are set into notched skids. In addition, our flooring is designed and warranted specifically for sheds from Louisiana-Pacific.
derksen flooring quality with louisiana pacific pro-struct with Smart FinishWe feature **LP® ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish®, featuring a durable overlay for a beautiful, professional-grade appearance. As a result, it has no knots or voids. It’s a welcome change from buildings with traditional plywood flooring. Also, unlike plywood shed floors, our LP® ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® is also treated with the LP® SmartGuard® process, which makes TWO special overlays that will protect your shed floor. Above all, they enable the flooring to ensure a longer-lasting performance in a variety of climates/weather.

The shed floor you’ve been searching for is here, specially treated with SmartGuard® wood strand technology to resist fungal decay and termite damage.

LP ProStruct Flooring


LP ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish is backed by a 1/10-year limited warranty so you can buy your shed with confidence.

See More Details About Our
Luxguard Rubberized Flooring Option

luxguard premium flooring from Derksen Buildings sold by Double E Portable Buildings in Starkville MS

——Double Thick Floors are available if desired—-
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